Who We Are

 Hi, we’re Ranya & Rami and we’re the team behind R.A. Photography! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our work, we love what we do and we’re thrilled we get to share it with the rest of the world 🙂



We are a brother and sister photography team who’ve long had a passion for the arts since we were children. Ranya found comfort in drawing and painting while Rami was always the word wizard who grew up to write and make music. We both attended York University, Ranya studied history and philosophy and then got herself a teaching degree. Rami
 studied Psychology and had aspirations of pursuing grad school, but we were both torn between our love for academia and our passion for photography and art. What ultimately helped us make up our minds is the fulfillment and joy we get out of photography. So here we are, 5 years and a dream later; a dream that began while Ranya was sitting in one of her university lectures thinking about cameras, photos and traveling the world.


We are based out of the Greater Toronto Area and we service the GTA, Ontario and Canada. We love this great country of ours and the beautiful landscapes it offers. If you’re planning on celebrating your love outside of Ontario then definitely let us know. We’ve been fortunate enough to travel and see some incredible places. We are available for destination weddings so if you’re planning an international wedding, elopement or engagement then let us know 🙂

We provide customized packages for destination (which includes national destinations as well) weddings. Our customized packages for destination weddings are at special rates so definitely share your plans with us and we would love to customize a package tailored to your plans.

2016/2017 Travel Plans & Wishlist

England | Dominican Republic | Hungary | Spain | Morocco

contact us if you’re planning an event in any of the above or different locations.